Celebrating Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs – Laura Chimaras

The Multitalented Diva

If you’re familiar with American Spanish drama, the name Laura Chimaras is likely to ring a bell. This Venezuelan diva started acting when she was only eight years old and has grown ever since, not only as an actress, but also as an influencer, speaker, and writer. She embodies the essence of our series on inspiring women entrepreneurs

Laura Chimaras
Photo by Juan Hernandez

Laura’s purpose, creativity and authentic expression resonate powerfully through all her work and inspire hundreds of thousands of people.In this feature, we continue unravelling the journeys of self-discovery and business expansion of fascinating women entrepreneurs around the world. We’re proud to cover Miss Chimaras as we explore the many facets of her diverse business ventures.

Of death and re-birth

The daughter of actor Yanis Chimaras, Laura rose as to stardom as a teenager as the protagonist of the RCTV produced drama Libres como el Viento. As the years went by, she acted in multiple novelas, movies, stage works and the television series Telemundo. During this journey, however, Laura went through a heart-breaking and life-altering event; she experienced her father’s murder in Venezuela at the tender age of 15.

As you can imagine, this transformed Laura’s life at a fundamental level; she became deeply curious, disheartened, and insecure. In an attempt to find purpose and meaning, she emigrated to the United States, like so many others, to build a new life. Laura’s adventures have taken her through studies of Philosophy, Christianity and Religious Literature at Harvard. Her voice and expression in all her work over the past five years reverberate with a depth and personality that is rarely paralleled. This is captured perfectly in her motto: 

"My protest bears knowledge as its insignia, firing words of wisdom at close range."

Not for the faint hearted

Deeply imbued with her search for purpose and the depths of human thought and emotion, Laura’s writing explores the various meanings of life, nuances of opportunity, and the interplay between order and chaos. As can be inferred, her creations are not for everyone, but precisely what set her apart as a person and as an entrepreneur. Those that do resonate with her work become ardent fans for life.

Laura has authored five fiction books (originally in Spanish). These include her most popular book – Narcotic Passions, the Story of an Addict, Lost Words (My First Years in Letters), Never Lose Faith, and Setback: Memories, Time, Sequences.

In her popular blog, Laura shares her musings on Liberty, Responsibility, Forgiveness and Love.

Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs

There are many who want to grow from all that life brings them, and to embody their lessons, journeys, and personalities in their creations and businesses. However, few are able to do so successfully. In Laura’s story, we see the spirit of an incredible entrepreneur. Today, in addition to being a television star and nuanced writer, Laura is a highly sought-after motivational speaker.

Her upcoming conferences in Madrid and Tampa called ‘Hack your reality’ offer a powerful and widely popular two-hour immersion into one’s soul. She teaches attendees how to nourish their minds and how to discover the true essence of their being. You need to hear only a couple of testimonials to be left in no doubt about the life-transforming impact she has on people. Her clients have called her “inspiring, revitalizing and magical,” and a “source of truth, knowledge, and energy with a desire to help the world.”

 Laura also conducts corporate talks. She teaches teams to work in synergy and shows corporations exactly how to motivate employees to exceed even their most ambitious goals.

With a 1.1 Million+ Instagram following, this diva opines: “We want freedom, but we do not know the responsibility that this brings.”

If these aren’t the words of a real entrepreneur at heart, we don’t know what are!

“We want freedom, but we do not know the responsibility that this brings.”

Laura Chimaras

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