Celebrating Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs – Elizabeth Lugo

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but we’ve met someone who has forced us to reconsider this notion!

Known affectionately by her friends as ‘the witch,’ makeup artist Elizabeth Mua is able to magically transform her client’s appearances. 

A quick look at her Instagram page and you’ll need no more proof of her artistic gift. Combining this with her imagination and business acumen, this Miami-based professional has carved out a name for herself. We’re delighted to feature Elizabeth as we continue our series of articles on women entrepreneurs that captivate and inspire us.

The Ingredients of Success

As several veteran businesspeople like to point out, it is essential for entrepreneurs to know what drives them and what their purpose is. Without this clarity, many give up as their journey begins to go uphill. In Elizabeth we find not only infectious motivation, but also a great deal of bravery, self-reflection, and ambition.

Elizabeth was driven to become a makeup artist by the possibility to create art on a canvas that is different each time. She even switched careers to set up her own venture. She tells us how scary it was, but also that not doing what she truly wanted to do was scarier – and we couldn’t agree more! Along her journey, she has constantly refined her skills, working with a variety of clients (Vanessa Oliveira De Sousa, Laura Chimaras) bringing to life the beautiful divas within them.

She’s always pushing herself – ideating upon how to create different transformations, how to grow more, how to be different, and how to express herself in her authentic voice.   

Another key ingredient for success that’s often overlooked is a healthy support system. Elizabeth’s blessed to have her mother, sister, and friends as her go-to cheerleaders and confidantes.

The Turning Point

As with several entrepreneurs and artists on their journeys, there’s often one pivotal project or client. This would be their ‘big break,’ if you will. For Elizabeth, this was a phone call for a makeup appointment for Willy Martin, and it changed the trajectory of her business forever.

There’s been no turning back, and Elizabeth’s client roster today includes the likes of Camila Canabal, Laura Chimaras, Fefi, and La Chechi among many others.

This inspiring artist has built her business with passion and persistence over six years. She’s diversified into other avenues with no small degree of success. Elizabeth conducts not only private makeup appointments, but also virtual and in-person makeup classes that are widely popular.

A Quick Peek Behind the Scenes

When we probed into her own daily routine, Elizabeth indulged us with some quick tips. She begins the day cleansing her face with a La Roche gel and a dab of Verima pain relief (she says she loves what it does to her face!). She follows this up with her essential sunscreen application. At night, Elizabeth uses a makeup eraser and micellar water, and repeats the same routine. She attributes her round-the-clock young and fresh look to products that are effective and are skin-, pet- and eco- friendly.

She won’t tell us everything though – her future goals for her business are a complete secret!

On this note, we’d like to leave you with one of Elizabeth’s favorite quotes. We hope it encourages you on your own journey of creative exploration and entrepreneurial success.

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.”

– Winston Churchill