Our Story

designed by a mom
for you

made for women

As a mom, you face unique challenges every day and carry the weight of your family on your shoulders. With endless to-do lists and your family leaning on you for constant physical and emotional support, life can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. That’s why Verima has developed a line of CBD products designed specifically for the needs of moms.

born in Silicon Valley

Verima was conceived when a California mother of three young children was looking for non-pharmaceutical solutions for her and her family.

partnering with a doctor

The everyday grind of three young kids in three different schools had this former ballet dancer looking for effective and holistic ways to maintain an active lifestyle, get a good night’s sleep and function seamlessly through even the most stressful of days. A glass of wine in the evenings left her with a headache and she didn’t consider her symptoms severe enough to warrant the negative side effects of pharmaceuticals. She researched and believed a hemp-based extract could be the natural answer but couldn’t find a brand that met her standards in terms of quality, transparency and consumer education. With the help of a prestigious MD, PHD from Stanford, CA she formulated Verima’s therapeutic product line.

a growth mindset

My eldest son suffers from bouts of anxiety during flare-ups of his autoimmune condition PANS/PANDAS. His anxiety spilled over to math where his worries paralyzed his ability to absorb new information. Despite supporting him with weekly session of cognitive behavioral therapy, when in acute crisis, the anxiety was unrelenting. Our pediatrician pointed to scientific studies and said it was safe to give hemp extract product a try. The evening of his first dose as the anxiety eased, we were able to sit and work through the math lesson and homework together. His confidence has grown and he has since embraced a growth mindset.

verima understands that moms face unique and sometimes
seemingly overwhelming challenges.


Highest Quality
When it comes to the products you use for yourself and your family, you need to be completely confident that you’re making the best decisions and know what you’re putting in your bodies.
Verima uses only high-quality, carefully selected ingredients to ensure consistency, purity and safety.  We traveled the country to meet with the best farmers and only partnered with those with like minded values.    

Broad Spectrum, Never Isolate
Our CBD is broad spectrum, meaning we use the whole hemp plant to retain its beneficial terpenes and other phytocannabinoids which are believed to enhance the benefits of hemp extract. The only thing missing is the THC.  Every Verima product clearly states the amount of hemp extract it contains allowing you to achieve your desired dosage every time.  We also make sure you get what you pay for.  When our product says 400 mg of hemp extract, we make sure you get 400mg.  We calibrate our products with multiple labs and not just one.  It’s a very expensive process but we are making a promise to bring only the best to our customers.   

THC Free, Scan the Code for Tests
Verima is committed to total transparency, so moms will always know what’s inside each product. Each batch of hemp extract that goes into Verima products is tested by an independent, third-party laboratory. We went out of the way finding the best labs that are ISO 17025 accredited.  These tests verify the exact Cannabinoid levels in the batch
and guarantee that it contains less than 0.3% THC, so there are no psychoactive effects. Verima hemp extract products will never get anyone “high” providing instead just the wonderful healing powers of nature. 

A Natural Solution
Even though many consumers are praising the effects of hemp-based products, this industry is still in its infancy. More and more studies being conducted around the world are showing that hemp extract has the promise to be an effective alternative to pharmaceutical medicines, while demonstrating its safety for use in both adults and children with minimal side effects. Always check with your physician before beginning any hemp-based regimen.