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Choose Organic. Hemp is a wonderful plant and to the benefit of the earth, hemp is a known bioaccumulator. This means hemp is great at absorbing all the wonderful nutrients of the natural soil that it is planted in. The problem is that if the soil is contaminated, the plant can also absorb toxins and heavy metals from the soil. This is why we only source from farmers who grow their plants organically in clean soil without pesticides. Our farmers are trusted partners who grow only using organic techniques and we also process our plants organically void of harsh chemicals. It’s important to know your hemp derived CBD was grown naturally in clean soil from farmers you can trust.


Know what’s in your products. All of our products are third party tested at three different stages of the production process. We test the distillate, we test the initial batch and we test again the final product. We test for potency, heavy metals and microbial levels. Each product you purchase from us comes with a QR code and when scanned, takes you to the final lab results.

clean and pure

Nothing more, nothing less. We carefully formulated our topicals with ingredients that work synergistically to bring you relief. We list every ingredient on our products so you can see we put in all the good stuff and left out all the bad. At Verima, we dont just add ingredients for the sake of it. Each item such as the arnica in our salve, the coconut oil in our tinctures are very carefully sourced in small batches. We only use essential oils in lieu of fragrance and are free of parabens, silicone and phthalates.

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