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Celebrate International Women’s Day

Power of Female Friendship

Join us as in celebrating International Women’s Day on March 8! We are glad to honor all of the powerhouse women who have made impactful differences in this world. When the time comes each year to celebrate this special day, it returns with a new campaign theme. The theme for 2021 is the #ChoosetoChallenge

Here’s what it’s all about (according to the IWD website): 

A challenged world is an alert world. Individually, we’re all responsible for our own thoughts and actions–all day, every day.

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We can all choose to challenge and call out gender bias and inequality. We can all choose to seek out and celebrate women’s achievements. Collectively, we can all help create an inclusive world.

From challenge comes change, so let’s all choose to challenge.

Choose to Challenge for International Women's Day 2021

What will you choose to challenge in 2021?

Women’s rights have come a long way since the ‘40s and ‘50s. After a year of extreme low’s in 2020, however, it’s evident that there’s even more work to be done on the social justice front. Needless to stay, it starts with us on an individual level. 

May 2021 be a revolutionary year for women across the globe. 

Celebrating “Chiclit” and Female Authors 

We’d also like to acknowledge all of the female authors who have successfully influenced social change through their literary efforts. 

Women writers are leading the way with their uplifting memoirs, guidebooks, and research studies that seek to empower others to fight social injustices, and social inequalities. 

On that note, there’s no better way to kick-off this Women’s Day celebration than by curling up to a good book and indulging in their genius works of art. Our challenge for you today is simply that. Do you accept? 

If so, happy reading! 

When you want to feel super relaxed during your reading time, you can’t go wrong with essential oils. Verima’s signature Essential Oils Collection will have you feeling relaxed in no time. 

We have a variety of different scents and blends available, including Lavender, Peppermint, Lemon, and Blueberry. All of Verima’s essential oils are infused with CBD, which further contributes to that calming effect everyone wants while taking a chill pill. 

If you’re currently finding it hard to relax due to joint aches or tense muscles, Verima’s Pain Relief Salve can work its magic to ease the pain. 

Ready to get this chiclit party started? Comment below and share a book written by a female author that inspires you! 

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Our Recommendations

Maya Angelou

The first volume in poet Maya Angelou’s autobiography, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, is a must-read for anyone. The book details Maya Angelou’s life up until age 17. Named for the caged-bird image that Lawrence Dunbar used in his poem “Sympathy,” the book honestly reveals the cruelty, indignity, and injustice that confined African Americans in the 1930s and ’40s — the cage — but also celebrates black people’s spirit, humor, and courage.

Molly Prentiss

“Tuesday Nights in 1980” is Molly Prentiss’s debut novel that reads as a beautiful love letter to a bygone era in Manhattan.  If you love the Big Apple then this book should be at the top of your list! Jennifer Senior from the New York Times writes a brilliant review to provide you all the context you need!

A powerful book based on questions Luiselli asks of undocumented Latin American children facing deportation. Tell Me How It Ends humanizes these young migrants and highlights the contradiction between the idea of America as a fiction for immigrants and the reality of racism and fear-both here and back home.

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5 Simple Self-Care Practices for Busy Moms

self care for moms

Do you know that self-care is one of the biggest keys to showing up as your best self in life, and in motherhood? In this article, we will take you through 5 simple self-care practices for busy moms. 

When you’re a busy mom, it’s easy to prioritize everything and everyone BUT yourself with so much on your plate. 

According to the American Institute of Stress, 73% of the population reported that stress affects their mental health.

Failing to make time for you is the quickest way to burn out. That’s why it’s important to practice self-care daily. To some it may sound selfish, but there’s more to self-care than spa days and “treating yourself.”

I know that mom-guilt can kick in when partaking in activities that exclude the kids, the spouse, or the family as a whole, but I challenge you to throw that out the window while doing anything that relates to self-care. You deserve time to yourself regularly, and you shouldn’t feel bad for it.

self-care practices for busy moms

there’s more to self-care than spa days and “treating yourself"

The whole purpose of self-care is to help you achieve balance in your day-to-day life. Practicing it consistently can result in the ultimate level of happiness, healthiness, and inner confidence. It also gives you the stamina needed to be fully present in every aspect of your life. 

You can have it all–the career, the children, and the happy marriage. How you balance it all is by navigating life with intention and tending to your health needs holistically. The way to accomplish this is by constantly doing things that benefit your mind, body, and spirit.

You can’t keep running without the routine “battery recharge.” If you feel that you’ve neglected your needs for far too long, it’s time to change that once and for all. Self-care takes effort, but practice makes perfect. Keep reading on for simple ideas you can add to your self-care routine.

Relaxation is an integral part of self-care

Simple as that. Everyone has their own way of relaxing. For you, that could mean curling up to a good book, having a movie or binge night, or just chilling in your own little corner. Find what works for you and go with it. 

When you need help winding down, nothing says “relaxation” like Verima’s lavender essential oils. Lavender is known for its calming effect on people.

Do Yoga

There are two types of moms in this world: fitness junkies and those who barely have room in their schedules to work out. 

Regardless of which category you fit into, you have to admit that yoga is worth the money and the hype.

Yoga is the perfect exercise for people who prefer non-strenuous workout. Even if hardcore fitness is your jam, yoga is the activity you 

resort to when your body needs a pause from the intensive training. The benefits of yoga are endless. It not only improves your energy, sleep quality, and heart health, but it can also curb anxiety, alleviate depression, and decrease your stress levels

You can practice yoga at a studio or in the comfort of your own home. Most people like to attend classes to take cues from an instructor. 

If you prefer DIY workouts, the internet is a good source for discovering yoga stretches you can try on your own. 

Yoga and aromatherapy are also the best duo for an optimal workout. The next time you hit the mat, we highly recommend that you fill the room with Verima’s blueberry essential oils. Infused with hemp and coconut, this blend has what it takes to boost your heart health even more.

Have an At-Home Spa Night

When it comes to the 5 simple self-care practices for busy moms, pampering time is a non-negotiable. You owe it to yourself to dedicate an evening out of your week just for that. 

When you have those crazy hectic weeks where it feels like you barely have your head above water, an all-inclusive spa night can be the thing you look forward to during your down time.

You can start the evening with a nice, hot bubble bath. It’s an ideal way to relax your mind after a hard day’s work.

self-care for busy moms
Use our citrus trio lotion to support your daily self-care practices

You could set the mood by lighting a few candles, dimming the lights, and playing relaxing music while you soak. Moisturize with Verima’s citrus trio lotion to experience the soothing properties of CBD.

If your spouse is available to give you a massage, don’t be afraid to ask! Massage therapy can not only reduce muscle pain and improve circulation, but it can also bump up the romance at home. As an alternative, you can hire a massage therapist for the hour. Most will come to your home. 

self-care for busy moms
Verima Pain Relief Salve for Massage

While working out the kinks, they can apply Verima’s pain relief salve and acupressure roller for topical relief.

Fill the room with Verima’s peppermint essential oils to aid with blood flow and keep your skin feeling rejuvenated.  Your skin should have a radiant glow once you’re done with the bubble bath and massage. If you want glowing skin from head to toe, you can end the night with a good facial.


You’d be surprised by the health benefits of taking deep breaths throughout the day. We could sit and talk about it for hours, but the benefits range from pain relief to reduced stress

You can easily forget to do this as you’re powering through your daily agenda. It’s an essential part of the 5 simple self-care practices for busy moms. Just schedule time in your calendar to avoid that from happening.

While doing your breathwork, inhaling Verima’s lemon essential oils can aid with digestion and strengthening your immune system. 

Meditatation can revitalize your daily self-care routine

Meditation is another effective method for lowering stress, centering yourself mentally, and balancing your emotional well-being. 

It’s best to meditate in the mornings when you first wake up, but you don’t have to limit yourself to this time constraint. 

Do it when your schedule allows. While you’re in meditation mode, you can further your focus and concentration with Verima’s calming oil.

Ready to invest the time needed for daily self-care? Download our printable checklist so you can tack it to your wall as a reminder! 

I hope these 5 simple self-care practices for busy moms helps you get back on the path to balance in your day-to -day.

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Mother’s Day: what mom really wants

Yesterday, prompted by my husband, our five year old asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day.  At a loss for any ideas, I realized that by this time in years past, my inbox and FB feed would be flush with retailers pushing their goods on me and yet this year things feel eerily quiet.  I googled “Mother’s Day 2020” for the obligatory Top 10 gifts for Mom lists. . . and in light of the current pandemic, nothing on those lists feels relevant. 

My guess is most moms feel the same way.  If we are among the blessed to have our family in good health, for most of us that is enough.  But since the family is asking, what DO we moms want this year for Mother’s Day? 


A Break.  We just want a few hours to catch our breath and not have to constantly be thinking about what’s next. If for one day (or ok lets be real, a couple hours) we could be free of these things, I know I personally would feel mentally and physically rejuvenated.  And to all the single mamas out there, my hat is off to you. I truly hope you have a network of extended family and friends to help you celebrate the amazing mother you are.

Decision Making

The minute our brains are conscious in the morning, moms are making decisions constantly.  What’s for breakfast?  Who’s doing what call from where?  What are the summer plans? Where is it safe to venture outside? What can kids do to burn off energy? “Yup, that’s right. We love our kids. We love our partners. But dammit, we are all in 364 days of the year, so for one day, we want to be out,” amen Andrea Rhoades creator of Selfies to Selfess and contributor at Scary Mommy!

The list is endless.  Please, don’t ask me what I want to eat or do on Mother’s Day.  I actually don’t really care what it is. . . as long as it’s with you and I don’t have to plan or execute it, I will love it.

Running Interference

With everyone home all day, everyday, it’s all too easy to step on each others’ toes and ruffle each other’s feathers.  And if like me you have more than one child, at least once an hour you are being made aware of a grave injustice or acting as referee. Let your partner and kids know that for this day, you are neither judge nor referee and all complaints must be submitted in writing for review on the next business day!  Producer David Kestenbaum from This American Life explained how teachers at his sons’ preschool installed a “tattle phone” where kids could register their complaints about each other. David rigged it up to record those complaints and document the unfairnesses of preschool. For young kids, I loved this idea of a tattle phone.


Ok, usually us moms want more quality family time, and Mother’s Day is a fantastic opportunity for that…but in light of the current shelter at home, we have been seeing a lot of our kids. So maybe this year, we take a mini escape to the spa (aka bathroom) and treat ourselves to a long soak and read more than the same one page of our bookclub book.


You know what’s more gratifying than having your family do their chores?  Having them do their chores without being reminded. This one might require a prompt the night before, but it will be worth it to see the trash cans emptied, the dishwasher running and the bedrooms tidied without uttering a word.

An early/good night’s sleep

Moms, this one is crucial to feel the day was a success  and to feel fueled for the week ahead. Even if nothing else happens according to plan, put the kiddos to bed early and then proceed to tuck yourself in. Spend a moment reflecting on gratitude and all you are thankful for. My friend Jen reminded me that “when the children are squabbling, be thankful you have children to love.“ 

I wish you all a wonderfully joyous Mother’s Day.

We would love to hear your thoughts about how to make great Mother’s Day. Tag us on @TryVerima with your list

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“Doing unto others”

Years ago when we were living in New York City, I was tasked with buying strawberries for my son’s pre-school class.  This was still a few years before WholeFoods moved into the neighborhood or any of the produce delivery companies were delivering consistently good quality.  It was the middle of winter and the majority of available produce was of course imported.  At the neighborhood grocery, I made my way to the usual organic section and my jaw dropped at the $9.99 price tag for one box of organic strawberries. Knowing that strawberries topped the “Dirty Dozen” list for produce, it was one of those items I always purchased organic when feeding my family. 

But, now multiplied by 10 boxes and I wasn’t prepared to spend that much on a pre-school snack.  I glanced at the conventional strawberries for $5.99/box and I headed over and started to load the boxes into my cart.  And then I stopped.  I felt a deep sense of guilt as to why was it ok for me to purchase conventional for other people’s children when I only purchased organic for my own?  I slowly removed the berries from my cart back onto the shelf and turned back to the organic produce and proceeded to put the $10 boxes into my cart, $100 worth.

Similarly, when I started the formulations for Verima, I sat with Nathan my chemist and started the work.  By the time I had formulated my ideal product with my imperative “must haves” (Organically grown and processed CBD, essential oils, glass containers) and “absolutely nots” (NO perfumes, dyes, parabans, sulfates, garbage) my price per ounce was so outrageous my business partners automatically scoffed at the numbers.  “Forget the essential oils! “ They told me, “use the ‘natural fragrance’ that is still considered. . . erm not artificial. “ 

But in my heart and in my head I knew I couldn’t sell a product that I wouldn’t use for myself or my family. And so with Nathan’s help I started back at square one and was able to maintain quality, while bringing costs down. 

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Marcia Kilgore founder of 
Bliss Spa, Soap and Glory and Fit Flop and she imparted her wisdom to “Never, ever sell anything you wouldn’t buy yourself.” Well said Marcia and I agree wholeheartedly.



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Math Doesn’t Matter When its Your Kids

I don’t consider myself a panicker. In fact, I sway the other way in that after the first few moments of alarm, I become (some would say eerily) calm. In the past couple days with the CDC preparing communities to respond to a possible spread of Covid-19 in communities, I receive multiple alerts daily how my kids’ schools and communities are preparing themselves. The stock market is in correction territory, airlines no longer fly to parts of the globe. . . the world changed in a couple short months.

Scientists are giving us the math: 80,0000 cases in 40 countries which makes it 0.0001% of the world population, not hugely significant if you think about seasonal outbreaks of influenza that prompts 3 to 5 million people seek treatment. Tell that to a mom however and it doesn’t register as she kicks into Mama-Bear mode and every instinct to protect her family fuels her to take action.

Our brains are wired with Negative Bias which basically means a negative incident will impact us emotionally much more than positive incident of the same magnitude. This helped us stay alive back in the day when predators and other dangers lurked on a regular basis. Once a potential danger gets in our mommy brains, our instinct is to be vigilant and protective, it’s what makes us who we are. Chicken pox, measles, the regular flu; for thousands of years our mom brains have kicked into high gear, and with superhero strength forgoing sleep and meals, we have nursed our families back to health.

However, this latest development invokes more fear in people than usual especially considering the big unknowns regarding transmission, community spread and just when, where and how long we need to stay hyper vigilant. It’s difficult not to get caught up in the moment. Telling an upset or angry person to “calm down” usually will have the opposite effect.

What are we doing at Verima? In an abundance of caution, we have given our team the option to work from home and we have limited travel. Thankfully, because all of our production, CBD, packaging and business partners are all here in the States, we have not seen too much interruption in our day to day operations.

On the home-front, admittedly I did replenish our pantry with a few essentials but getting out of the Costco parking lot made we wish we had more storage in our basement. Unsurprisingly, our local Costco ran out of hand sanitizer, water and toilet paper. 

Mentally, I’ve tried in my life to observe my thoughts and not just automatically react to them. Turning on the news where the majority of stories (understandably) report on danger, causes an uptick in anxiety. So, instead I opt to check in directly with the CDC and WHO websites for updates and information.

Our minds can get pretty creative very quickly, expanding on our fears, so I try to balance that with gratitude. I remind myself that I am blessed to live in sanitary conditions and have world class health care in my city. I am thankful that even the act of going to Costco and *stocking up* is an option for my family. 

I am grateful for the technology that makes the access to vital information appear wherever I go. I am thankful that our friends, schools and neighbors, calmly waiting for updates, have chosen to band together and face this newest hurdle with compassion, level headedness and preparation. So for now, my kids will continue to go to school, ballet, gymnastics and taekwondo and we will face whatever may come together. Stay safe my friends.

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The Power of “Yet”

My children were extremely blessed to have the opportunity to attend Bing Nursery School which is part of the School of Humanties and Sciences at Stanford University.  Esteemed Stanford professor Carol Dweck’s work on Growth Mindset is pervasive in Bing’s philosophy and my children have benefited enormously.  According to Professor Dweck, a growth mindset means children believe that “intelligence can be developed through practice, learning, good mentorship from others. “ 

Professor Dweck discusses how children with a fixed mindset believe that “their basic talents and abilities are just these fixed traits.  They have a certain amount of intelligence or talent and that’s that.”  She then explains that the danger in this is “The wrong mindset, can make them afraid of challenges, afraid of effort, afraid of setbacks.“  

At Bing, I observed my children’s skilled teachers masterfully engage with my frustrated then three year old using the power of “yet” to ensure that the task at hand was not simply something he couldn’t do, but rather something he wasn’t able to do. . . . yet.  I have taken this skill with me and use it to this day well into my eldest’s the middle school years.  

Last year he was introduced to solving for a variable in an equation.  He was frustrated and yelled, “I just can’t do it. “  I carefully replied back to him, “Of course you don’t have the skills to do it YET. . . that’s why you go to school. . .  to learn how! “  It was important for me to further explain to him that once he became frustrated, his brain would actually block itself off from learning new concepts.  Once he understood that he wasn’t expected to already know how to do these math problems and that he was capable of learning how to solve them; this changed his entire mindset and as a result, he is now open to new challenges.  In fact it was so life changing that math has become his favorite subject this year.  

I have to remind myself daily, sometimes hourly, of the power of yet.  This applies to myself personally as well as for my company. There’s so much I want to do to grow Verima and oftentimes I am told, “No. “  But to me, this just translates to, “Not yet. “  And then I proceed to plan how I can position Verima to be poised to jump when the opportunity presents itself.  

Personally speaking, I am in unchartered territory as a stay-at-home-mom turned entrepreneur/CEO of Verima, and the learning curve is exhilaratingly steep.  It would be easy to get overwhelmed at all the business acumen I need to acquire in a new and unregulated industry nonetheless.  But, I persevere and continue forward knowing that if something is new to me, I possess the intelligence to learn it and I simply haven’t been exposed to it yet.  

Be kind to yourself, and remember like our children we CAN learn and acquire new skills and knowledge so long as we believe we can and keep our minds open.