How CBD helps this busy mom get through the day

Your heart is racing. Your blood pressure is climbing. Everything seems to be swirling out of control, as you listen to the shrieks of the children arguing and the baby crying, and all you want to do is hide in the bathroom where no one can find you, so you can have 10 seconds of peace and quiet to catch your breath. It is only 7:47 AM. You already feel as though you have run a marathon, and you are not even out of your pajamas yet. Sound familiar?

 The stress of motherhood, whether you are a working mom or a stay-at-home mom, can be completely overwhelming at times, and it can be hard to find ways to get through the day without feeling completely stressed out from sun-up to sun-down. It is not the children’s fault, they are simply being kids after all. It is no one’s fault, it is just the natural way of things. This time in our lives is one of the busiest, most rewarding, most love-filled, and most stressful times we will ever experience.

So, how can we get through our days feeling more relaxed, less stressed and overwhelmed, and enjoy this beautiful chaos that is parenting? It is not optimal to be turning to medication or alcohol while we are responsible for caring for our little ones. Having a glass of wine at the end of a busy day is one thing, resorting to a mimosa every morning to calm your nerves is another thing. Luckily for us stressed out moms, there is a natural solution out there: CBD oil and CBD oil-infused products. With no risk of addiction and zero side effects, CBD is a natural way to settle your nerves, focus your mind, and set yourself up for a day of success and happiness.

Start your day with some of our Renewal Citrus Trio Lotion to moisturize your skin, its citrusy scent a naturally uplifting smell, and the CBD-infused lotion providing calming relief. Follow this routine with a measured dose of our high quality, broad spectrum CBD tincture, made from selectively sourced organic hemp from trusted U.S. farmers. This tincture can be taken on its own or mixed into your favorite morning beverage or food. While the standard dosage is 1mL, it may take a bit of experimentation for you to find that “just right” amount for you. Once you do, this tincture will provide you with calming relief from stress, allow you to be focused and present during your day, and will help to navigate all the busyness associated with parenting.

By late-afternoon, you may be starting to feel the wear-and-tear of the day, and you might be starting to fade and feel that sense of overwhelm creeping back up again. Grab another dose of our premium tincture to help keep those worries at bay.

Motherhood is also very physically demanding, and birthing and raising little ones takes a tremendous toll on our bodies. You may have residual pain from childbirth, or perhaps that kink in your neck won’t go away because you are continually sitting in awkward positions nursing your infant, or your arms and shoulders are aching because your 4-year old refuses to admit that she’s getting too big to be carried. Either way, it is a fact that mom’s bodies hurt a lot of the time. We ache, we hurt, and we feel tension and pain everywhere. One way to help cope with the pain is to use a pain relief salve infused with CBD oil, like our Verima Pain Relief Salve, infused with our top-quality CBD oil, as well as essential oils like sandalwood to create an irresistible scent. Rub some of the salve on your sore muscles, and let the pain melt away.

The day is winding down now, and the little ones are asleep at last. You tend to the last few things around the house before getting yourself ready for bed as well. During these hectic days of motherhood, sleep is a huge factor and one that we need to ensure we are getting enough of. Sometimes, however, it can be incredibly hard to slow our minds and relax our bodies enough to go to sleep. Make yourself a calming tea and add in a dose of our CBD tincture, to help your body prepare for sleep. You’ve earned it, Momma, another day is done! With the help of CBD oil, we can get through it with less stress, increased focus, and a happier mood.