Bedtime Routines That Work

When we hear the words ‘bedtime routine’, we often think of young children and the process parents go through to get their children ready for bed each night. If you are a parent to babies or young children, you also know how incredibly important these bedtime routines are. It helps your child’s body calm down after a busy day, it relaxes their muscles and their minds, and prepares their body for sleep. We usually give our kids a nice, warm bath, rub soothing lotion on them that smells of lavender fields, read them a story or two, have a cuddle, sing a lullaby, and send them off to their dreamland feeling happy, relaxed, and safe. What a wonderful way to end each day!

But, where’s OUR bedtime routine? Do we take the same time and care every evening to ensure that our trip into dreamland is as peaceful and loving as theirs? Likely not. If you’re anything like most parents of little children, you lovingly get your own kids off to bed, tackle the dirty dishes in the sink, throw on another load of laundry, tidy up the day’s mess, maybe grab an hour to yourself to watch some TV or catch up on social media, and then fall into bed exhausted, likely still feeling stressed, and perhaps even still in your clothes from the day! 

In this ever-changing, busy world we live in, it is so important that we carve out a little time for self-care, as this is often something that gets neglected in our lives. We put all of our time, energy, love, and effort into caring for our families, rarely taking time to care for ourselves. But, adults need bedtime routines too! We need to create a routine that helps our own bodies to settle down after the busy day, calm our muscles and our minds, and prepare ourselves for sleep. So, how do we do that? It’s really rather simple.

Not everyone’s bedtime routine will look the same, as everyone prefers different things. Simply start by incorporating a few small self-care activities at the end of your day to help prepare yourself for sleep. It might be a nice, hot bath where you can soak and relax for a little while. Have some calming music playing quietly while you soak, and just enjoy the peaceful, quiet time to yourself. Let your mental to-do list pause for a while, and just relax your mind. 

Following your bath, indulge your skin with Verima’s Renewal Citrus Trio lotion. Infused with organic CBD oil, this lotion will not only leave your skin soft and smooth, but you will feel relaxed, worry-free, and ready for sleep. With the beautiful combination of white and red grapefruit, orange, and a touch of cedar oil, the calming scent will be perfect for your evening bedtime routine.

If you find it challenging to get that mental list to quiet down enough for you to sleep, try incorporating some guided meditation before bedtime. There are many different programs and apps on the market now, so it may take you a bit of time to find the meditation that is just right for you. But, once you do, take a few minutes to do a guided meditation session to help your mind quiet down and your body to relax. 

By this point, your body should be feeling nice and relaxed, and your mind should be settling down and feeling ready for some good quality, restful sleep. Some people find that it is the evening time when their anxiety tends to ramp up, and they find it very challenging to quiet their minds enough to sleep. If you are one of those people, and your mind is still racing despite the bedtime routine, try a few drops of Verima’s CBD tincture, either on its own or in a cup of your favorite herbal tea. Chamomile tea is a wonderful choice for an evening drink, and adding a few drops of CBD oil to it will help to calm your nerves, relax your mind, and prepare your body for sleep.

You may choose to incorporate this entire bedtime routine, or only a few parts of it, but whichever you choose, make it a point to set aside a bit of time for self-care every evening before you go to bed. Put that same love and effort into your own routine as you do your children’s, in order to make sure that you get the restful sleep you need and deserve, and that you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to be the best you the following day.