Aching Shoulder No More!

I cannot say enough about how much I love Verima and how it has powered my journey to regain health.  To help describe the impact Verima has had on my life, I think it best to share a little about me and the last six-months.

I am part of the 2% of the population that has frozen shoulder. Until recently, I had never heard of this affliction. I started feeling a pain in my shoulder that didn’t go away by the end of the week and fast forward two months….. the pain became so intense that it was all I could think about and I could barely lift my arm. Then I found myself in the doctor’s office begging for help. The Prescription: Physical therapy and time…up to 2 years.  

While overall beneficial, the physical therapy was painful and if I’m not mindful (as in stand up every hour during the work day to perform my prescribed stretches) I can easily be setback to square-one, intense and intolerable pain. This also dramatically disrupts my sleep to the point where I sleep only 4 hours a night.  And while sometimes this pain was a 20 on a scale of 1 to 10, I’m embarrassed to admit that often times I laid in bed contemplating if my life would be better if I only had one arm. 

Sensitive to anti-inflammatory medications and intolerant of cortisone shots, my options were limited and I was at a loss. That is when my physical therapist suggested I look into CBD options. She only had anecdotal evidence that it helped some patients and did not have a specific recommendation for me.  Being a believer that plants heal, I was very open to the idea and began my research.  

I did quite a bit a research and was a bit overwhelmed by the sheer number of options. I first tried a few highly-rated and reviewed options but nothing was game changing. So I went back to the drawing board.  To help narrow down the choices, I decided to apply the same parameters I use for cosmetics: look for high-quality ingredients and buy organic.  

That is when I found Verima. I was impressed by the thoughtfulness of each and every ingredient listed and a Stanford Dr. helped formulate the product. It seemed like a brand I could really trust and that it is a lot more than CBD in a jar.  I also appreciated their approach to eco-friendly and glass packaging, especially because it is so hard to find brands that are just as committed to preserving the planet as they are to selling product.

So getting to the good stuff…..I ordered the salve which came in a beautiful blue box and I got the peppermint roller.  While I was hopeful, I was skeptical. I started with the peppermint oil, which quickly absorbed into my skin and within a couple of minutes, I found a calm release.  The intensity of the pain significantly subsided, and I smelled good to boot. I thought, this is a good every day option. Given the salve is very therapeutic I decided to wait and try it after/during a massage. I couldn’t believe the immediate change. For the first time in months, I could do a shoulder roll on my left side and I stopped clinching my jaw. This was a significant first step in my healing journey because 1) the pain reduced to a level that I could tolerate and 2) I finally achieved some progress.  With Verima by my side, my journey to health continues.

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