Skin Balancing Toner - Help balance skin with antioxidants and hydrating ceramides


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An alcohol-free Botanical Facial Toner that soothes, soothes and purifies the skin to seal in the cleansing routine. SKIN BALANCING Pore-Reducing Toner helps balance skin with antioxidants and hydrating ceramides, making oily areas less noticeable and skin more even, smooth, moisturized, and protected.

Normal, Dry, Mixed or Oily.

Spots, Acne, Cleaning, Redness

Light liquid

Rose Extract: They are full of tannins with an astringent and sebum-regulating effect, while hydrating and moisturizing the skin.

Chamomile Extract: Due to its antiseptic qualities, Chamomile helps eliminate bacteria produced by acne while calming the skin and promoting circulation.

Calendula Extract: Helps reduce inflammation and irritation while retaining moisture in the skin. It is also recognized for its healing properties.

After cleansing, apply to cotton, pressing gently on the skin. For best results, continue with Anti-Wrinkle Serum or Bio-Serum, Hydration and Eye Contour.

Our Botanical Toner helps seal the cleansing routine, helping to remove impurities that have remained after washing the face without affecting the natural pH of the skin. Due to the mixture of Roses, Chamomile and Calendula, our Toner helps to reduce inflammation and improve the appearance of acne or redness on the skin, while the Urea does not let hydration escape. Ideal for women and for men as ‘after-shave’.

The product is vegan and cruelty-free.


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