Dark Spot Corrector - Reduce Pigmentation


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A Spot Corrector made from botanical ingredients helps reduce pigmentation by stabilizing melatonin levels in the skin. Sunspots, acne scars, big brown patches — whatever the cause, you’ll be glad to know that unwanted speckling of your skin can usually be resolved with our dark spot corrector.

Normal, Dry, Mixed or Oily.

Stains, Dryness, Dullness, Anti-Aging, Fine Lines and Wrinkles.


Passiflora: Rich in flavonoids and antioxidants that reduce inflammation and protect against cell damage in the skin caused by free radicals. In addition, it contains Vitamin B3 that reduces hyper-pigmentation and protects from infrared light and UV rays, in addition to reducing redness.

Seaweed: Contains Benzoyl peroxide that helps purify the skin and stimulates cell renewal to restore the natural luminosity of the skin.

Apply only at night. Begin with localized application to the affected area for 28 days. After the initial period, apply all over the face to restore natural radiance. For best results, use sunscreen daily.

It is a cream with a light texture that helps to maintain hydration while performing the depigmentation work. High in vitamins A, C and B5 that protect the skin from free radicals while hydrating and repairing the skin, even the most sensitive. Helps to even out skin tone, reduce the size of blemishes and inhibit melanin production, to restore the skin’s natural radiance naturally and effectively.

The product is vegan and cruelty-free.


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