Cleansing Exfoliating Scrub - Invigorate Your Skin


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Our Cleansing Exfoliating Scrub provides a deep cleansing that helps eliminate toxins and dead cells, while stimulating cell regeneration. The Verima exfoliating cleanser can also be used as face masks. We use ingredients like exfoliating seeds, minerals, and gentle resurfacing acids to keep skin smooth and slough off the dead skin that can clog pores or make skin look dull.

Normal, Dry, Mixed or Oily.

Dryness, Opacity, Cleanliness.

Gel – Heavy liquid.

Peach Seeds: Natural exfoliants that gently cleanse and remove dead cells, revealing smoother, more luminous skin.

Aloe Vera Extract: Natural antibacterial that helps expel bacteria, oil and other residues in the skin from the deepest layer, in order to purify the skin and stimulate cell regeneration.

Oat Extract: absorbs dirt and debris that accumulates in the pores for a deep cleaning that removes dead cells and impurities. In addition, it helps to eliminate allergens from the skin surface and prevents dehydration of the skin.

After cleansing the skin with our Cleansing Gel, apply to damp skin in circular motions. Massage gently and rinse with plenty of water. It should be complemented with a Facial Toner and the Hydration routine.

Oily or Normal skins should use it 1 time every 7 days. Sensitive skin should use it 1 time every 15 days.

Our Botanical Exfoliating Gel provides a deep and gentle exfoliation on the skin, helping to refine pores, even skin tone, and stimulate cell regeneration. The product should be used depending on the type of skin, but in general terms it is aimed at all people who want to promote the natural radiance of the skin. For men it helps to dig up beard hairs.

The product is vegan and cruelty-free.


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