September 23, 2019

A Unique Offering for Moms

Targeting the problem that moms have navigating the CBD landscape, Verima launched today with a family of topicals and tinctures.  By partnering with a Stanford doctor and listening to moms and their unique concerns, Verima has crafted a curated set of products with premium ingredients from around the world.

Confused and frustrated by the volume of mislabeled, low quality CBD products on the market, founder Dawn Sue decided to take the guesswork out of this trending supplement and help consumers find a consistent, high quality product, organically grown hemp products.   “My goal is to destigmatize hemp and educate other women and moms on its many powerful properties so they can start feeling better.”  Sue stated.

Verima has launched with a salve for intense, localized joint and muscle pain; a peppermint roller ball for targeted acupressure points and a moisturizing lotion for everyday use.  Verima also carries a line of flavored sublingual tinctures (original, lemon, mint, blueberry and lavender) which has been the preferred method of consumption for those seeking to calm anxiety and/or get a good night’s sleep.

“It is extremely important to me to start a company that values honesty, transparency and empathy.  We think it is evident in the all the minute details.  From sourcing high quality, organically grown hemp, to things like the recyclable packaging and information dense content on the website; we labored over every decision. “ Sue expressed.

Verima is also about education with a growing list of blogs and content, helping moms get through the challenges of balancing motherhood, family and career. Numerous medical studies on the benefits of natural healing are sourced and cited by Verima.

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