The Secret Jar: Not Your Abuelitas Vivaporu

To know Juliana is to know and to feel the unbreakable bond of family. La familia is everything to her. The broad smile and unconditional love she immits when speaking of her children (Jakob and Benjamin) is contagious.

As is the warmth and love in her voice as she breathes new life into old memories by honoring me with stories about her grandparents. The abuela who insisted that Vicks Vaporub, Vivaporu, was a magical cure for all ailments big or small. And the abuelo who would secretly stuff branches from marijuana plants into jars of alcohol and hide them under his bed. Retrieving them only when she, or one of her siblings, or cousins would stump a toe or scrape a knee or fall from some impossible height and inevitably come running back to the house in tears and agony. If Vivaporu failed to stop the wailing, then the wounded child would crawl onto the grandfather’s lap while he rubbed the salve from the secret jar onto the wound until the child stopped cryin.

“So, they were basically defusing it?” I ask. “Yes, but they didn’t know it.” She admits throwing her head back and letting out a gregarious laugh.

Juliana goes on to recall how her grandparents, who grew up in the countryside of Antioquia, Colombia , worked the land which was brutal, backbreaking work. And how every night her grandparents would rub the salve 

from the jars on their aching bodies. “They would rub it on their legs on their hands. They would use it everyday but they kept it under the bed and we never talked about it. It was a hidden thing because there was such a stigma”

As she got older and became a mother, Juliana went on to explain, she realized that the contents of her grandfather’s secret jars looked a lot like something she smoked. And she began to wonder if the content of the

Verima is the new vivaporu

 jars was able to alleviate her grandfather’s pain and the marijuana she was smoking was able to help her through severe postpartum depression, what other

And then, as she says, she evolved. She became more independent and started doing research so that she could figure out a way to safely get the clear medicinal benefits of the marijuana plant for her and her children without ingesting the active ingredients that produce the subsequent high.

That’s when she discovered Verima and the wonders of CBD oil.

“It (CBD oil research) is so clear. You can use cannabis and it’s not going to be active. You can give it to your kids… You can do it”

Juliana confesses that she no longer uses cannabis because Verima does the perfect job for her and her family.

“Verima works for me because it does the job without giving you the THC trace that will get you in trouble… Thank you guys. You’re awesome.”

Thank you Juliana. We at Verima are happy our products work for you and your family. And that you don’t have to hide it in a jar under the bed.

Verima works for me because it does the job without giving you the THC trace

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